Sharing a passion to deliver superb patient care

Looking after the health of our family and selves is incredibly important, yet in the commercialism of today’s world so much can be done if you are prepared to pay for it. However, health can often defy this rule.

The world of healthcare is a complex and fast evolving one, and our expectations of our rights are ever-growing with each new wave of innovation.  In reality, we all know that in England we have a most incredible system to look after us all at the point of need – the NHS.  The NHS is an organisation which is often dragged through the press when something goes badly wrong, but it’s rarely given the praise its due for the millions of hours of excellent patient care, and lifesaving procedures it performs.

From a personal experience, I have much to thank all the incredible staff we came into contact when our third child decided it would be better to start life a little ahead of nature’s plan.  He arrived at 27 weeks weighing 2lbs.  All the staff were hugely caring and gave us great comfort through these early days, and today he is now 11.  Although it is a long time ago, the memories are still strong.  But there are many instances where this outcome is not always the case, and in those instances where it does go wrong, sadly the effects can be very long lasting.

We set up a technology company called Enterprise Study 11 years ago, to deliver an easy to use platform to manage training and compliance for large organisations. This platform now has some 560,000 users.

In recent years we have been lucky enough to have been selected by a number of NHS Trusts looking to make the management of the statutory and mandatory training more efficient, as well as providing accurate assessment-based compliance reporting.   When we set the company up we identified that it would be great to develop a tool where all the users shared their ideas to create a really useful LMS.  Through regular user forums and change requests provided over the last 11 years, the tool is well tuned to support complex organisations needing outstanding management of compliance.  Recently we have launched an important part of the talent management suite with the Appraisal Manager Module, which is our 9th Module.  Our approach is very much about caring for and listening to our customers, which is exactly what we witnessed at our time of need from the staff at The RUH in Bath.

My belief is that good technology gets developed when there is a genuine partnership between the software development company and the customers, and we are all prepared to be united by a strong set of values to deliver high quality results.  The NHS in England is part of our social DNA, and as such, listening to their challenges and developing technology that enables more staff to focus on patient care, ensuring that their colleagues are confident they have the right skills and capabilities, is incredibly important to the team at Enterprise Study.  We are regularly meeting a wide number of Trusts and what always surprises me is how incredibly individual they are.  This is why in the past, national IT programmes such as NPfIT have been difficult to implement.  One size does not fit all in the NHS and this is why we need to develop technology that is easy to configure using a range of standard modules, so you only ever pay for what you need.

As we live longer, the decisions we all have to take with regards to the NHS and its role in society will became even harder to afford.   The ballot box will always be the final judge of the strategy that lies ahead.  However, the one thing that will never change is that staff who join the NHS and healthcare organisations are generally passionate about patient care, and so anything we develop must help them in doing their job better by delivering superb efficiency and effectiveness.

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